12 Days of Xmas | Day 10 – Excite with the Unexpected!

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Welcome to Day 10 in my 12 Days of Christmas Series on Inspired by Nick!

So far I’ve shared recipes, personal stories, gift guides for her and for him, as well as three holiday home decor tips with you:

  1. Identify Your Festive Style
  2. Layering for the Season
  3. Adding Metallics to Elevate Your Festive Style

Today, I’m sharing the fourth and final holiday home decorating tip; Exciting with the Unexpected!

It ties nicely into what I have planned to share with you tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! But for the sake of today’s post, exciting with the unexpected really has to do with thinking outside the box with your home and table decor!

I’m always looking for ways of creating something new, as well as ways of making my holiday setting more exciting for my guests.

So, when it comes to holiday home decor, focus on trying something new! I like to keep an eye out for holiday assortments or collections that can compliment multiple festive styles.

I’ve been so enthused by some of the President’s Choice Home Collection pieces this season, like this glittery reindeer (below). Using it as a centerpiece on the table… why not?!

Instead of the traditional holly and greens as a table setting, I opted for birch, old twigs and pepperberries… why not?!

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Another fun tips to help excite with the unexpected; crafting a bowl of ornaments for every room in the house… because, why not?!

Or a glass jar filled with painted pinecones… how festive!

Exciting with the unexpected doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or glamorous. In fact, with a little DIY and pinterest inspiration, you can make some really crafty holiday entertaining pieces on a pretty good budget.

What are some of your holiday decorating traditions?! How do you like to decorate and excite your guests when entertaining!?

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Nick Joly | Inspired by Nick

Stay inspired.


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