Crystal Guide: 10 Crystals for Healing, Positive Energy, and Spiritual Connection

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For those of you who know me well, you’ll know that I like to say Frankie (Lily Tomlin’s character) from Netflix’s “Grace & Frankie” is my spirit animal.

And for those of you who haven’t (yet) invested in watching Netflix’s funniest original – if you follow me on instagram, you may recall about a month or so ago, I visited a crystal healing shop here in Toronto called Happy Soul.

There we talked about how crystals can help cleanse our auras and how we can begin to heal from any negative forces in our lives. We learned about 50+ different crystals and made our own crystal grids (see below for definition).

Before this, I’d always admired the crystals on the coffee tables in Restoration Hardware’s seasonal catalogues (cue sigh + eye roll)… but I’d never fully taken the time to learn about the variety of crystals and what “crystal healing” really meant.

Millions of years old, crystals retain (and transmit) the energy and vibrations they’ve witnessed since their natural forging during the original formation of Earth.

When I was visiting San Diego last year, I remember seeing street signs alongside residential roads that read “We Offer Crystal Healing” and “Have Your Crystal Grid Made Here”. I just never really gave it a second thought, I guess.

It was only after I sat through the workshop at Happy Soul where I learned how crystals can actually heal the mind and the body.

I love how crystals are revered in different spiritual practices, religious beliefs, and eastern cultures. Some are seen as being linked to our chakras — the spiritual centers of power within the human body — a common belief in Indian culture.

Crystals are different from rocks in that they vibrate. They are charged with the energy they’ve picked up in their natural formation, and as such, emit a subtle frequency due to their geometric composition.

Some will tell you they have a profound spiritual connection with crystals because of this. Just like when your friend tells you they’re not really “feeling” someone’s energy.

Or just like when you’re drawn to something or someone and you may not know why. That person’s aura, or the subtle frequencies their energy is emitting, vibes with you. The connection just feels right. Right?

It’s believed that crystals reflect our intuition, or our gut. And finding the crystal that “speaks to you” is exactly how you should shop for one. Walk around the store, and find the stones that you naturally gravitate toward.

Crystals store and transmit energy, just like we do.

As humans, we all store and emit energy, just like crystals. And that’s what makes these little gifts from the earth so precious.

Crystals have been found to have powers, too, as they ground us, relax us, and even empower us because of the energy they give off.

And make no mistake – each crystal is unique, in that it has its own special purpose, or energy. And while there are over 50+ crystals out there (that I know of), I’ve broken it down into a simple top 10 that any beginner can get started with to learn all about the purpose, power, and meaning of these precious gems from our planet.


amethyst crystal geode guide to crystals

Amethyst: The Spiritual Development Crystal

Attract the good, and release the bad. My favourite of the stones, I call amethyst the GOOD VIBES ONLY crystal that supposedly rids negative energy from your life, and keeps those emitting negative thoughts at bay. Keep one in the corner of your room to ensure good vibes only enter. It’s also believed that amethyst helps with addictions, of all forms.

Amethyst helps relieve stress encourages spiritual connection, growth, and development.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz gem stone crystal

Rose Quartz: The Self-Love Crystal

Rose Quartz elevates love in every facet of your life. Be it personal love, or love for others, think of Rose Quartz as the positive energy crystal that promotes enhanced love of all kinds. It’s also seen as the crystal that helps raise self-esteem and self-confidence, reduce bad habits like self-negative talking, and help balance one’s emotions.


citrine crystal meaning abundance wealth

Citrine: The Abundance + Wealth Crystal

Citrine lets you tap into your central, personal, power houses and take command of your life. It’s believed to bring abundance and wealth into your life, and promote self-creativity. This stone is also often associated with the goddess, Lakshmi – Hindu symbol of wealth and prosperity) and often observed on meditation or prayer alters, side by side. What I love most about this crystal is its inability to store negative energy, one of just few crystals.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz crystal gem stone grid

Clear Quartz: The Master Stone Crystal

The embodiment of activating intentions, the clear quartz crystal amplifies the power, the energy, and the personal energetic investments made into your other crystals. Clear quartz can be paired with any other stone, as a way to amplify the intentions set within them.


Moonstone: The Dreams Crystal

Think of the Moonstone as a stone of spiritual belief, and destiny. This crystal has a strong connection to the power of the moon, and is believed to balance feminine energy within the body, as well as promote fertility.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian: The Banishment of Negativity Crystal

Black Obsidian is believed to help us feel more grounded. Some people put these in their pillowcases or near their bed on a nightstand, as it helps ground us at the end of a day. Usually sourced from volcanic areas, Black Obsidian is one of few crystals that tends to store more energy than it does emit or transmit, thus perfect for helping ground us.

Blue Lace Agate  

Blue Lace Agate: The Peace of Mind Crystal

Similar to Lepidolite, Blue Lace Agate brings peace of mind, and helps reduce stress and anxiety. As do the natural blue hues of its composition, of course. The energy this stone emits is known to be a calm, relaxing vibration that helps bring peace to the mind.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite: The Soothing Crystal

Restoring balance to the mind and spirit, Green Calcite is known to be the soothing crystal. Shamans use Green Calcite in practices to help patients dissolve any old energy patterns they may be holding onto, while some eastern cultures believe the green hues of the stone represent prosperity, and can manifest wealth in one’s life.


Lepidolite: The Calming Crystal

Stress, anxiety, nervousness… exit our minds and our bodies. Lepidolite is revered as the crystal best suited for fostering tranquility in the mind, and emitting a peaceful, soothing energy. Interestingly, this stone contains lithium, from its natural formation and composition.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline inspired by nick crystal grid

Black Tourmaline: The EMF Protection Crystal

I keep a piece of Black Tourmaline over our front door at home. It’s the ultimate crystal, powerful protection, and helps banish negative energy from entering your life. Also one of few crystals that absorbs more than it transmits or emits energy, it’s believed to really help balance the good and bad energy levels in our bodies.  

Crystal Grid

Grids are essentially the use of many crystals, placed in geometric positions, usually around a clear quartz crystal (for amplification), to set intentions in a more powerful/meaningful way. As opposed to using just one crystal. Each grid is unique, is made by the intention-setter, and is charged with that person’s energy.

amethyst crystal healing guide

How to clean, or clear the energy of, your crystals at home.

This was something new I learned at Happy Soul. Once a crystal is yours, it reflects your personal beliefs, feelings, intentions, and energy. Therefore it shouldn’t hold the energy of any previous owners or the energy from events or forces that may have impacted it. And letting friends touch your crystals, which often happens, is a big no-no. The energy that goes into the crystal should be yours, and your alone, therefore, clearing + cleansing the energy of your crystals should be a regular practice.

At the shop, all crystals are cleansed before being sold, right at the checkout counter. They used sound bowls, or two bells clung together just over the top of the crystals to emit a powerful sound and frequency, clearing all previous energies stored within.

If you don’t have a sound bowl or bells at home, other ways you clear your crystals are by burning sage and using the smoke to cleanse the crystals. Or by placing them in the earth for up to seven days.

From home decor, to technology, to personal jewellery, meditation and healing practices, crystals are highly versatile. The reason I like to say Frankie from Grace & Frankie is my spirit animal is because of all the lavish crystal necklaces, bracelets and rings she wears. I’m not quite there yet, so I’ll continue to live vicariously through her. 🙂

While my heartmate and I are currently creating a meditation room for ourselves, I’m on the hunt for the chunkiest, heartiest crystals I can find for spiritual development and higher spiritual connection.

Over the course of just one year, my perception of crystals shifted from eclectic, to interesting, to chic, amazing, divine, and now MUST HAVE!

Are there any crystals from this guide that spoke to you? What crystals do you find yourself naturally drawn to?

Share them with me in the comments below!

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chakra crystals gems geode guide

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stay inspired.





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