I Quit My Full-Time Job To Pursue My Passion

inspired by nick quit full time job

The day where I could share this news with you is finally here! I’ve left my corporate nine to five in Toronto’s Financial District to pursue my passion; sharing my health and wellness journey via all facets of Inspired by Nick.

YES, I am scared, but I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m happy, energized… I have #allthefeelings right now!

The true story behind this moment is that I never imagined it would be a reality for me. It was certainly something that I’d wanted from very early on, when I first launched my blog just over two years ago. Though I never really saw pursuing it full-time as an attainable goal.

I knew from very early on in my career (the third day at my first job, actually!), that there had to be another way to life than waking up every morning, exchanging my time for money, all while building somebody else’s company, and ultimately, somebody else’s dream. I woke up that morning, and said aloud “this can’t be what the rest of my life will look like. It just can’t.”

I’m sharing the full story behind why I chose to leave my 9-5 in Corporate Canada through video on my YouTube channel. Thumbs up and subscribe if you like what you see!

If there were a life-changing element I could share with you or an “aha-moment” that I’ve had, it’s this: sometimes a shift in perspective is all you need to attain any goal you set for yourself.

A mind shift in how I perceived my future, combined with dedication to my vision, and perseverance are what drove me to take this leap.

But it all started with shifting my belief of what I believed couldn’t be real, to what could.

Once I believed that blogging full-time was possible, I began working toward it. And I mean really working toward it; taking concrete actions to help me reach the goals I’d set out for myself, which brought me to this very place, today!

And I’m so excited to be taking all of you along for the ride with me!

I’ve always written Inspired by Nick in a way that makes readers feel like they are right there on my health and wellness journey with me.

Sure, there were some winding roads in the beginning, like deciding on what content I wanted to share or finding my niche. I had no photography skills whatsoever when I started blogging. And I didn’t know a THING about html or web design.

Despite now being able to say I do this full time, it’s not like I ever experienced an “I made it” moment. My learning journey never stops.

I’ll always be reaching for new goals, refining my photography skills, learning new web-design or search engine optimization tactics. I’ll even be perfecting my written skills the more I share with you. The journey always goes on, and it always evolves, just as we do.

I often wonder what content will be the most valuable to you. Though, I have a pretty good idea of what I’d like the future of Inspired by Nick to hold.


health wellness lifestyle blog inspired by nick

quit full time job personal story pursue passion

Be Good to Your Body. 

My blog’s motto. This will always be at the core of what I do because I profoundly believe in it, holistically. It’s my life-philosophy. Eating mindfully, sweating regularly, and resting when our bodies need rest.

This is what health and wellness mean to me. Though I know these are really just the fundamentals. Where I’d like to take Inspired by Nick next, is really beyond the fundamentals, and more toward all facets of health.

Areas I’m exploring now include:

  • Micronutrients essential to cell tissue repair.
  • Crystal grids and how they can heal the mind and body.
  • Alkaline vs Acid diets and what foods prevent cancer.
  • How shamans heal the mind, body, and soul. 
  • Identifying and connecting to your chakras.
  • Eastern medicine and alternatives for healing.
  • Foods high in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, potassium, and other important vitamins and nutrients.

This will all take form in written content for inspiredbynick.com, video content for my YouTube channel, and of course photography for my Instagram account and other social media platforms. I’ve linked them for you all below so we can stay in touch!

Let’s stay connected!

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Over the next few years, Inspired by Nick very well may evolve into a new shape, or form, but the core will always remain the same; #begoodtoyourbody. And the goal will always be to inspire. To share learnings from my health, wellness, fitness and holistic life experiences.

inspired by nick quit full time job

Nick Joly | Inspired by Nick

Stay inspired.


5 thoughts on “I Quit My Full-Time Job To Pursue My Passion”

    1. Heidi!

      Thank you so much for your well wishes! It’s definitely a crazy exciting new chapter ahead of me but I am so ready for it! Really appreciate all your support – means the world! And thank you for reading! <3


    1. E,

      I can’t thank you enough for this comment. It really made my day! Appreciate the support beyond words, and definitely miss you & the team, too. Not gonna lie… kinda wish I was still on those morning calls LOL!

      Wishing you the very best, too. You have a VERY bright and successful road ahead of you.


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