New Year, New Bowl


Happy new year, everyone!!

I hope you all had a great celebration with your loved ones this past weekend! S and I have this annual NYE tradition where we stay in and watch three movies back-to-back throughout the day. We make ourselves a “fancy” wine + candle-lit dinner and we stay up till midnight to toast to the new year.

All while in our pyjamas, of course!

After a night of less-than-regular sleep, we actually woke up quite early this morning. We were SO productive, though! We did a “spring” cleaning of the condo, more like a new year’s cleaning, went to the gym, baked some vegan double-chocolate muffins (recipe coming soon), ironed our shirts for the week, finalllllly put order in our spare bedroom which has been in need of FEMA relief lately with the hurricane of blog props and packages that get sent, and the list goes on.


After our workout and before our new year’s facetime call with the fam, I felt like making myself a new kind of bowl. A nourishment bowl.

No macros. No “buddhas”. Just plain nourishment.

Because that’s what we should be doing with our food anyway, right? Nourishing ourselves.

A new year, a new perspective, and of course, a new bowl.

And while I often get inspired to commit myself to a few new year’s resolutions this time of year, I usually just end up making marginal improvements or modifications to my daily life. Tweaks, or new approaches to things I already do.

With that, my food goals for 2018 are really going to be to nourish my body. Plain and simple. Sure, there will be occasional #treatyoself moments, but that’s O.K.! As long as the majority of meals and foods I prepare are nourishing, I’ll be in a great place.

To ensure I keep my gut health in check, I made sure to pack this nourishing bowl with probiotics via KIMCHI! I live for the stuff!

There are three types of greens for the base of the bowl:

  • Spinach
  • Romaine
  • Dinosaur kale

Eating them raw ensures our bodies absorb all of their nutrients in the most effective way possible. I’ve got the chickpea staple on lock here for healthy protein + carbs, and my favourite herb of ALL TIME, ever in the universe of ever; cilantro!

The pop of color comes from locally sourced garden beets! High in potassium, vitamin C and of course, fiber. Lastly, for my healthy nourishing fats, I’ve got another favourite of mine; avocados.

This nourishing bowl packs everything my body was craving today post-workout, so I rewarded myself with it.

I told myself that 2018’s mantra would be “life is about the journey, not the destination”. So along that journey, I’m going to make sure I nourish myself with foods that heal. Because that is what foods are meant to do for us.



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