souk tabule toronto brunch

Hi guys!!!! Is it the weekend yet?!

Holy moly this week’s been one giant whirlwind! A ton of unexpected things kept popping up into my calendar – all good things though, fortunately! You might have caught my insta-story on Wednesday where I shared some of the “behind the scenes” moments of my Brand Ambassadorship with President’s Choice. That was definitely exciting!

One of my favourite moments from the week was catching up with friends over brunch at Souk Tabule!

Myself and three dear fellow food bloggers (Krystle from Dine and Fash, Anna from Food Diva, and Karen from Sincerely Kn) were long overdue for a blogger brunch date! Together we shared almost everything on the menu! Here’s the link to Tabule’s main site.

souk tabule toronto brunch

Souk Tabule’s charming décor made for a really warm atmosphere.

The four of us made sure to arrive for opening, which was 11:00am on Sunday, and we instantly fell in love with the décor of the restaurant. You should have seen us; we were going crazy snapping photos of everything before any other customers walked in. I’m sure we looked like piranhas at feeding time LOL!

A SUPER friendly staff made all the difference.

While the staff knew very well that the four of us were food bloggers (our DSLR cameras and tripods MAY have been a giveaway), they were super accommodating and friendly.

souk tabule toronto brunch

Souk Tabule Menu Recommendations

So I don’t know about you, but I’m a super-fan of hummus. I make at least a batch of hummus every week, and I even keep some in the fridge at my office! Is that weird? It’s just so great with so many things! I love spreading it on warm toast, and I especially love dipping my veggies in it. My favourite hummus recipe is (I’m sure you know by now) Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cilantro Hummus from her It’s All Easy Cookbook. So I think by now you can guess that my first menu rec would be their classic hummus!

I also really love a good shakshuka! My favourite one that I’ve had so far in Toronto has been from the Brunch at Wish Restaurant, but this one from Souk Tabule is definitely a top contender!

The fries at Souk Tabule literally made my mouth water!

I swear, the entire time we were taking photos of the food before we dug in, all I could think about was stuffing my face with the fries. Especially since I have this theory that French Fries have a lifespan of really only 3 minutes LOL!

And of course the pitas and the flatbreads are made fresh in house on stone, and they are everything and more. My love for hummus (re: above proclamation) is really only perpetuated by my love for carbs. And when said carbs come in the form of freshly made, WARM, pita…. …. BRB, I’m headed to Souk Tabule right now because I can’t even finish writing about how good it was. I just can’t.


Ok byeeeeee have a great weekend friends – I hope this post inspired you to try a new brunch place!! Let me know how it goes!

souk tabule toronto brunch

souk tabule toronto brunch

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  1. This blog post made me laugh multiple times hahaha such a good recap. Omg – the comment about the fries because I think the exact same way! We need to go back and eat the fries immediately since we already have a photo of them!

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