Toast Tuesday Ideas Anyone Can Try!

Toast Tuesday Ideas Inspired by Nick Joly Toronto

My New Favourite Food Phenomenon: Toast Tuesdays! (#ToastTuesday)

Seriously, who has heard of this fantastic idea that’s been sweeping the food scene recently? I love it! In fact, I love it SO MUCH that I thought I’d toss up two of my favourite #toasttuesday recipes that I created recently. I figured since it took me no time at all to whip up these awesome toasts, that anyone could do it! So why not share in some of the delicious Toast Tuesday ideas that are all over the web!?! 

The Avocado Toast:

Perfect for breakfast and so easy to make, this avocado toast with eggs is definitely one of my favs. The bread I used was from Ace Bakery (which I found at my local loblaw’s) and it’s fully organic, GMO-free and packed with healthy grains. Ever since we switched to this bread, we’ve never looked back. GMO labelling is something that I highly value when I shop for groceries (as well as organic, of course), so these loaves were a no brainer. ANYWAY – back to the Toast Tuesday inspiration! For the second set of slices, I used one of my favourite ingredients: peanut butter. This all natural option from Costco is a staple at our place, and when mixed with fresh, local Ontario blueberries, what could be wrong with such a delicious pairing!? Nothing can!

The Fresh Fruit Toast:

So, while you know how much I value GMO labelling, eating organic and a tone of other healthy eating habits… I like everyone, like to indulge from time to time. How!? With Nutella of course 🙂

For these toasts, it really is a simple pairing of fresh fruit with a chocolatey-hazelnut spread. I personally am a huge fan of chocolate-dipped fruit, so this is as close as I could get to making a breakfast out of it lol! I also tossed on some Dorset muesli cereal to add a bit of crunch, and voila! Two quick and easy recipes for your next Toast Tuesday ideas!

What do you like to put on your toast!? Share your Toast Tuesday ideas with me in the comments below and I might feature them!

ToastTuesday Ideas Inspired by Nick Joly Toronto

Toast Tuesdays Ideas Inspired by Nick Joly Toronto

ToastTuesday Ideas Inspired by Nick Joly Toronto

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