VERKSPACE: The Future of Shared Office Spaces

verkspace toronto shared office space

As a marketer, I get to work in an AWESOME, modern, funky office in downtown Toronto.

As a blogger, I get to work from my “home office”… at least for now!

I use air quotes when I say “home office” because it’s nothing extravagant lol! Just a vintage wood & ceramic table, one of our dining room chairs (because I still haven’t purchased a new one) and a pile of books I still have to read. Oh and some fresh flowers… sometimes! The upside of working from home; getting to work in my sweatpants and making endless cups of tea. The downside of working from home; total utter silence, and never leaving the house!

One of the things I used to LOVE about being a university student was studying or working from a coffee shop! It was the best! I used to love the smell, the coffee shop noises, for me they were just mindless background musings. And they surprisingly helped with my concentration! I guess coffee shops are pretty similar to office spaces in that regard, eh? You’ve got some chatter in the distance, people making their coffees, having conversations as they go in and out of conference rooms.

Recently, however, I had the chance to work from a new shared office space in Toronto called Verkspace.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that the work space at Verkspace is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂 They’re located on the city’s East side, and the beautiful brick and beam building lets in a TON of natural daylight. I worked from Verkspace’s coworking space at a large shared wooden table for an entire morning while the other Verkspace members quietly worked away on their laptops at their own work stations. The soft hustle and bustle of background noises, similar to those of a coffee shop, were perfect for my productivity!

The Verkspace founders, who are SUPER friendly, were happy to give me a tour of the space. I got to explore the different floors and get inspired by the Nordic and Scandinavian decor. Honestly speaking, the way that the rooms and furniture are disposed, are super conducive to productivity and working collaboratively. I really loved everything about the space.

Now let’s talk about the future of coworking & shared office spaces.

Could this be the future of the home office? Could this be the future of corporate offices? Well, over the years we’ve seen a ton of companies move from the traditional office set up of “closed door” offices to open concept, shared work table and more. One of the coolest offices I’ve heard of is Cisco’s Toronto HQ. They’ve got smart rooms that adjust the temperature based on how many people are in the room. They’ve got fully shared desk spaces, so no one really has their own desk. One day you could be sitting by the water cooler, the next you could be on a different floor. And get this, the desks are adjustable to give you the option of working standing up!

But more and more, we’re seeing companies adopt the “work from home” policy, whereby they trust their employees to get their work done, whatever their location. We’re working in a generation where we no longer have to be chained to our desks or offices, just to prove that we’re working!

Enter Verkspace and other shared office spaces.

They’re great for people looking for a professional environment, a step up from a coffee shop with strangers and like, five steps up from working from home! Curious about pricing? It starts as low as $95/month for a collective membership. What’s included? Any free work space when you come in, access to their full fridge of drinks, snacks and more. As well as four hours of private boardroom time if you need it! Their pricing ranges really well depending on what you need from YOUR personal working space. They’ve got room for groups of up to six people even, who may want to rent out an office for a month, a year or more.

Checkout Verkspace’s website for all the deets!

verkspace toronto shared office space

verkspace toronto shared office space

verkspace toronto shared office space

verkspace toronto shared office space

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